Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 53, February 21

Forgive me while I return to one of my favorite subjects:  my Aunt Mae.

I've written about her before and will probably do so again.  In talking with her a few days ago, I learned that her doctor had told her she must use a walker.  Never one to complain, she confessed to having a hard time with this.  

"How will I get to church?" she asked.  "No one's going to want to take me and have to load and unload the walker."

I tried to assure ther that lots of people would be willing to help her.  Still, she was reluctant to "be a burden" on anyone. 

"Everyone's already so busy," she demurred and switched the subject.  "Are you giving anything up for Lent?"

I started to give my customary response of "I'm giving up smoking."  (I don't smoke.)

But Aunt Mae was serioius.  What could she possibly give up?  She has no vices.  "I'm giving up cornbread, greens, and peanut butter."   (Aunt Mae is Tennesse born and bred.  Cornbread and greens are staples in a southerner's diet.)

Her humble offering to the Lord touched me.

So, for today, I am grateful for Aunt Mae.


  1. She doesn't need to give anything up for Lent. But because she did, I'm lifted and inspired to do and be better. I love your Aunt Mae.

  2. Such a sweet lady. And I hope you do okay with the giving up smoking. :)