Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 57, February 26

Today is the 211th birthday of Victor Hugo, born February 26, 1802.  Hugo was widely regarded as the premiere French romantic writer of his time.

Perhaps his most well-known and beloved creation is Les Miserables, which continues to touch our hearts.  Who can resist the story of Jean Valjean?  Who can deny the impact of this tale of courage, sacrifice, and redemption?  Who has not been moved by the music inspired by this story?

So, for today, I am grateful for the genius of Victor Hugo.

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  1. I'm reading Les Miserables right now. I have been for awhile, and will be for awhile longer. It is time well spent. He has a gift for characterization. For example, "There are some people whose faces chatter. To look at them is to know them." Beautiful. The musical is also inspiring. My favorite song, "Who Am I?" deals with the integrity of Jean Valjean and his conflicting natures. His triumph comes at great personal cost, which I find to be true to life. The work is genius.