Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 15, January 15

Today is my dear friend Janet's birthday.  Janet and I have been friends for 37 years.  We have seen each other through babies, our children's ups and downs, the deaths of parents, and other events.  I have two other sweet friends with birthdays this month as well, Jeannie and Laurie.  Our total years of friendship between the four of us is well over 80.

Isn't that wonderful?  Really, it's quite amazing that these women have put up with me for that many years.  I have made some bloopers in friendship, saying insensitive things, doing equally insensitive things.  Yet they still love me and forgive me.  (I hope.)

I repeat:  Isn't that wonderful?

And that brings me to another Friend.  He has put up with me, has loved me, has forgiven me for many more years.  Of course, He is the Savior.

Joy for the day:  friendship and friends who put up with, who love, who forgive.

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