Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 23, January 23

During the first weeks of January, bitterly cold temperatures swept through much of the country.  Schools were caneled, flights were delayed, and many of us headed to the stores to stock up on supplies before the next storm hit.

It occurred to me that though I didn't need physical supplies--we were well stocked--I did need supplies of another kind, though.  I needed faith.  I needed forgiveness.  I needed compassion.  Unfortunately, I couldn't go buy those at the closest store; nor could I order them over the internet.

I had to find them in myself.  And my "store" was empty, at least temporarily.  I didn't have enough faith, forgiveness, or compassion within me for me.  Consequently I didn't have enough to share with others.

So I dug down deep, put on the cloak of humility, and asked the Savior if I could use some of His.  Of course, He said yes.  Isn't that wonderful?  It reminds me of a hymn, "I Stand All Amazed." 

Joy for today:  standing amazed at the love Jesus offers me.

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  1. You're very right here. The cold temperatures hardly phased us, because we have taken measures to prepare. However, just like faith, forgiveness, and compassion, all we have materially didn't come from us. We were blessed with material comforts enough to have extra. It all came from the Lord. And I, to my shame, hardly noticed.