Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 9, January 9

We've gotten sort of heavy in the last couple days' postings.  Lest you think that I am always serious and somber, we're going to switch topics for today.  No doubt, we'll be returning to these heavier subject in the future, but, for today, let's smile.

We're going to talk about underwear.  Yes, you heard me right, underwear.  Specifically a hot pink bra.  My underwear is white.  Sometimes, however, I long for a bit of color, a bit of whimsy.  Hence, the hot pink bra.
Who would ever suspect that beneath this serious and staid exterior of this Mormon wife, mother, and grandmother lies a hot pink bra?

No, this bra in itself does not bring me joy.  But it does make me smile.  And smiling is a precursor to joy.  Without smiles, without laughter, how drab our world would be.  Smiles and laughter are God's coloring book for our faces.  In those same smiles and laughter, we see the colors of an individual's heart and soul.

Joy for the day:  smiling over a hot pink bra.


  1. Gotta love hot pink and you're right about smiles leading to joy.