Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 6, January 6

Our ward (congregation) is an older one, made up primarily of empty-nesters.  Recently, a few younger families have moved into the ward, bringing with them babies and toddlers.  Yesterday at church, we heard from some of these babies.

Coos, gurgles,and  the occasional squeal provided a counterpoint to the sacred music and the voices of those bearing their testimonies.  It was wonderful, for I love the sounds of these youngest of God's children.

I wondered why I should so delight in these sounds and speculated if it could be that these innocent spirits have so recently come from heaven where they lived with the Father and bring with them His spirit. Could it be that their seemingly incoherent burbles and cries are their language in telling us of the place where they had resided up until their birth?  Are they trying to tell us of the Father and of His Son?  And we, sophisticated adults that we are, fail to comprehend this special language?

It's something to ponder.

Joy for the day:  the sounds of babies, the utterances of angels.

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  1. It's funny because I was thinking that our sacrament meeting seemed extra quiet yesterday and was thinking that many of the babies must have been gone.