Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 27, January 27

Lately I've been thinking about planting and harvesting.  My thinking is somewhat out of sync, as this is neither spring (planting time) nor fall (harvest time).  But I am often out of sync with the rest of the world, so I  will go with it.

Last fall, Larry and I planted some bulbs, hoping they will bloom this spring.  (Our gardening skills are iffy at best, so we wait and pray.)  As we planted the bulbs, I was put in mind of a dear couple in our ward, who have planted bulbs (or seeds) all their lives, seeds of service and love and compassion.

Those seeds have come back to them in glorious bloom in the love that others return to them. It is no surprise that they are loved and revered in our ward; nor is it a surprise that their example spreads to others as we try to emulate them.

Certainly, this comparison is not original with me.  The metaphor of planting seeds of flowers and love is an old one.  Perhaps it is an old one because it is so very true.

In a world where many people try to circumvent (or skip altogether) the steps necessary to lasting rewards, the law of the harvest remains immutable.  There is no circumventing it.  We truly do reap what we've planted.

Joy for today:  appreciating the law of the harvest.

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