Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 8, January 8

... continuing yesterday's post.

"The joy that came into the world at the birth of the Savior transforms the circumstances of daily life; they do not have the power to make us happy or despondent, for we know what true happiness is.  The joy comes only through the mercy of the Holy Messiah, whose ressurrection broke the bonds of death and whose atonement unlocks the reservoir of mercy by which we can be cleansed of our sins and come into the presence of God to receive the fullness of the Father.

"Our Savior's mercy is the only source of the ultimate and eternal joy, which restores every loss, dries every tear, and eases every pain.  Eternal joy transcends all suffering."

The Christmas sesason is past, but the celebration of Christ's birth remains ... or should.  And with that celebration comes gratitude for His atonement.

(As I re-read a posting from a few days ago, I realize that I have repeated much of it in this one.  What can I say?  It appears that the Atonement is much on my mind.)

Joy for the day:  appreciating the atonement of Christ.

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  1. Well we should probably all have the atonement on our minds each and every day. We would probably act better and be more aware of the choices we make.