Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 29, January 29

We're skipping back to the subject of two days ago:  planting, reaping, and harvesting.

In that post, I described a couple who have planted good seeds all of their lives.  Chances are you know people like that.  I hope you do.  Chances are you also know others who have planted not-such-good seeds.  Most of us don't get away without knowing at least one or two of these people.

You know who these people are because of how you feel when you are around them.  You probably feel discouraged, depressed, or just plain tired.  They drain energy and zap good feelings due to their endless complaints and mean-spirited comments.  You endure their company because they are a co-worker, a person on the PTA committee where you've volunteered, or (horror) a family member.

Joy for today:  finding people like my friends who uplift rather than tear down.


  1. I want to be one who plants good seeds more often than the person people cringe to see coming. Still working on that. It would help if I were less selfish.

  2. I love the part about the horror of it possibly being a family member. But yes, we all probably have a couple of people like this in our lives and it does make things harder.