Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 5, January 5

Yesterday I wrote about finding salvation in God.  Salvation is not the same as safety, though the words have much in common.

Four months ago, a horrendous storm hit our area, turning roads and fields into great streams and lakes.  Thousands of people were left homeless.  We were counseled to do as we had been counseled many times before:  prepare beforehand, have a "to-go" bag packed in the event we had to leave our homes on a moment's notice.

I even started that preparation, taking a large backpack and filling it with emergency items, such as dehyrdated foods, toiletries, small utensils and tools.  It caused me to wonder what I should fill my spiritual to-go bag with.  Those items were less tangible but equally as important:  faith, belief, strength, gratitude, knowledge of the Atonement, acceptance of my own limitations.

Joy for the day:  to-go bags, both temporal and spiritiual.

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