Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 28, January 28

We're going to switch subjects and move on to Steven, Larry's and my second son.  Today is his 35th birthday.  (It just gets harder and harder to convince anyone, including my grandchildren, that I am only 29!)

Steve is our middle child, third out of five.  Some might say he is a peacemaker because of this birth order position.  However, I believe Steve came from heaven with this disposition already in place.

He is quiet-spoken, with emotions that run deeply.  But when he does talk, people listen.  He doesn't prattle on, as I do, but speaks with deliberation and thought.  He sets goals, then goes after them with equal parts dogged determination and faith.

Joy for today:  loving Steven.

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  1. I think all the things you said about Steve really hit the nail on the head and are spot on.