Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 19, January 19

'The most wasted of all days is the one during which you did not laugh!'

I don't have the attribution for this quote, but I so delighted in it that I decided to use it anyway.  A couple of Sundays ago at church, I looked around the congregation and thought of how fortunate I was to have so many good friends.  At the same time, I pondered that those people I considered my BFFs were those who made me smile, who made me laugh.

I hope they feel the same about me.

Life is a serious business.  I can't argue with that.  Yucky stuff happens.  Sickness, financial setbacks, problems with family.  What gets me through, aside from the obvious of faith, family, and friends, is laughter. No, I don't laugh at heartache, but I do try to laugh at life's absurdities and goofiness.  I laugh when I receive back in the mail a letter I sent out to a friend with my own address.  I laugh when I notice that I've put my blouse on inside out.  I even laugh over the country's inept politicians, because if I didn't, I would surely cry.

Joy for the day:  finding laughter in life.


  1. Great! I want to lough throughout my life also want to show gratitude to god.

  2. Denise and I laugh together over our names. Everyone gets us confused. Better yet, we've both gotten our names backwards when calling each other on the phone!

    There's enough serious business without making the silly things serious too.