Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 114, April 24

Today is Easter. Today is also my husband's and my 38th anniversary. This remains a mystery to our children and grandchildren as I am only 29. (New math.)

Yesterday I wrote about Easter, and so today, I thought I'd write about my husband, Larry. Our marriage has suffered some bumps over the years, but we endured, in large part because I had the sense to marry a good man.

Last fall, our kitty, Harley, was extremely sick. A trip to our veternarian sent us and Harley to a clinic where we learned she had bladder stones and would need an operation. They gave us an estimate of the bill which ran into the thousands of dollars. Larry didn't hesitate but said, "Do whatever is necessary to save her." The nurses and doctors did save Harley, and we rejoiced. We returned to our local vet for follow-up tests and special food. More than $4000 later, our sweet kitty was on the way to recovery.

What does this have to do with our anniversary? I share the story to give but one example of what a good and decent man Larry is. His generosity and love, for me, for our children, our extended family, and friends, continues to awe and humble me.

So, for today, I am grateful for my husband and the years we have shared together.


  1. Happy anniversary Mom. Dad is a good guy and I'm glad that both of you are my parents. Contests on figuring out how to celebrate 38 years while staying a youthful 29. We lok forward to dinner tonight.

  2. And may there be many more -- years together, that is. You and Larry are blessed to have each other and to share so many things -- love, family and most of all, faith.

  3. Happy Anniversary. You smart little cookie you, marrying a great and decent man!!

  4. Yes, your Larry IS a good, decent, generous, loving and most compassionate man. But he was wise enough to marry an equally compassionate, loving, generous, decent and good woman. You two are a perfect match and I am grateful to count you among my friends.

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. PS: But I know your real age...I didn't think you turned 29 for another year yet, though?