Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 270, October 1

It is no secret that Mormons spend much time in scripture reading, in attending meetings, in any number of Gospel pursuits.  However, those pursuits are empty if they have no substance behind them.  More than a century and a half ago, a group of handcart pioneers were caught in a terrible blizzard as they crossed the plains.  Hunger, severe weather, and disease had already claimed many lives.

President Brigham Young learned of their plight.  He stood in General Conference and told the members of their brothers' and sisters' dire circumstances and said, "Your faith will not save you if you do not help those in need."

The prophet's call to action did not go unheeded.  The brethren prepared to leave with oxen and wagons.  The sisters did not remain idle.  Though they had little, they stripped off petticoats and underskirts, they raided meager cupboards of foodstuffs, they ripped blankets from beds, all to send to the little band of Saints.

This I know for sure:  faith and action work together, for neither can survive alone.

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  1. I agree. Trying to separate faith from works is like trying to separate two sides of a coin. Worse is when we argue about which of those sides is more important. Faith leads to good works, and good works lead to faith. They are married. God has joined them together, so let us not put them asunder.