Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 282, October 13

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes an act of rebellion."--George Orwell

I have quoted Orwell before.  His insight and wisdom are remarkable.  How well he foretold what would happen to our great country.  Too frequently, we see those inspired men and women who tell the truth being pilloried by those who seek to destroy our nation.

Scriptures are replete with examples of prophets and others who were persecuted, even killed, for having the audacity and courage to speak the truth.  The spilling of their blood sanctified their sacrifice, and their martyrdom stands as an indictment against those who sought to silence their voices.  Joan of Arc is one such example.  The Prophet Joseph Smith is another, giving everything, including his life, in an effort to bring the world the truth of the Gospel.

On a less grand scale, we witness the same pattern in our personal lives. Six months ago, I wrote about the hate mail my husband and I received after our letters to the editor appeared in the local paper.  Such was the vitriol and implied threat in this letter that, for a while, I hesitated about submitting any more letters.  I am deeply ashamed of that.  Was I afraid of telling the truth?


And sometimes I still am.  Still, something inside of me compels me to speak out when I see the effects that injustice has upon our society and nation.

This I know for sure:  if telling the truth is an act of rebellion, then let me lead the charge.

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