Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 295, October 26

Henry Blackaby -- We have to come to a place where we decide if we will ask God to bless what we are doing or instead ask God to help us do what He is blessing.

I had to read these words through several times before making sense of them.  And then I got it.  (I'm a bit slow at times.)  In my daily prayers, I asked the Father to bless my efforts, to help me succeed in what I'm trying to do.  Why did I not realize that I should be asking Him to tell me what I should be doing and to bless that?

It all comes back to my spiritual two-year-old self, still thinking that I know what is best, still believing that I know best.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   Haven't I collected any wisdom along the years?  Apparently not.  For I continue to believe that I'm in charge, that I can effect any kind of change in myself with my own puny efforts.

The truth is, I can't bring about the needed changes on my own.  I will always need God's help.  I will always need His blessings.

This I know for sure:  God is in charge.  Maybe I should accept that and learn from it.


  1. What an interesting quote. I like it a lot. I, too, don't think I've every prayed in terms like this.

  2. So often, I get an answer to my prayers when I change my focus in this way. It always ends up better. I don't know why I don't start out from the second perspective.