Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 283, October 14

I have never had the gift of speech.  Like Moses, I lack that ability to touch hearts with my verbal words.   Moses relied upon his brother Aaron to help him get his words across.  Moses relied on others to help bring the children of Israel out of bondage.  He turned to his captains to organize and prepare the people.  He turned to his wife to care for their children while he was doing the things appointed to him by the Lord.

And isn't that the way with most of us?  We rely on others for the things in which we are lacking, in the things which we cannot do by ourselves.  I rely on my husband, my sister, my children, my friends.  Most of all, I rely on the Lord.

Moses had an onerous task placed upon him.  He did not do it alone.  If Moses, one of the noble and great ones, needed help, why should I be ashamed to admit that I, too, need help?  I need help in overcoming bad habits.  I need help in learning to forgive.  I need help in giving up those things which hurt me.

This I know for sure:  seeking help is a mark of wisdom.

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