Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 300, October 31

Recently a member of our ward's Relief Society Presidency (the RS is the women's organization in the Mormon Church) asked me if I would share the piano playing duties with two other sisters, each of us taking four months out of the year.  I accepted hesitantly, as my right hand has developed arthritis, making it difficult for me to play as I once had. 

Could I reach the octaves demanded by some hymns?  Could I keep up the tempo of songs in 6/8 time?  Could I hit the correct notes at all?  I didn't know.

I started practicing playing, choosing hymns at random.  Then, needing the comfort and familiarity of a favorite hymn, I turned to page 220 of the (Mormon) hymn book, "Lord, I Would Follow Thee."  There, I found the words that never failed to sustain me:  " ... finding strength beyond my own ..."

This I know for sure:  the Lord's strength will always be "beyond my own."  Fortunately, it is mine if I choose to partake of it.

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