Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 64, March 5

I accidentally almost caught Harley's (our kitty) tail in our kitchen door when I closed it.  She gave me a reproachful look, then, minutes later, was on my lap, giving me kitty kisses.  Harley is quick to forgive.

Though Harley and I share many qualities (we both like a good book--me to read, her to shred; we're both inclined to curl up on a snowy day under a blanket; we're both Republican), I do not share her forgiving nature.  In fact, Larry and I were just reminiscing about our daughter Alanna's birth, and we discovered, not to my surprise, that I have still not forgiven him for going off to have breakfast in the midst of an excruciating labor (mine).  Suffice it to say that this occurred decades ago.

I admire those who can forgive those who hurt or offend them.  I wish I had that trait, but I don't.

So, for today, I am grateful for Harley's forgiving nature ... and for all those who can let go of past hurts.

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