Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 91, March 31

Once again it is Fast and Testimony meeting in our ward.  Once again, I long for the words to bear my testimony, to tell of my love for the Savior.  But I have no fancy or even un-fancy words.  They stick in my throat and get garbled by my tongue.

That it is Easter Day, a day when we give special remembrance to Christ, who made the Atonement possible, only highlights my desire for the eloquence to give voice to my testimony.

My testimony is precious to me, perhaps all the more so because it remains unspoken and held close within my heart.  For is that not where all the most important things are held--a wife and mother's love for her husband and children, a sister's devotion to her sister, a friend's loyalty to her friend?  Those things reside in the deep recesses of our hearts. 

As does my testimoy of the truthfulness of the Gosepl.

So, for today, I am grateful for testimonies, those given voice to and those which are tucked inside tender hearts.

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  1. Yes, every once in awhile, my testimony can be heard by others. Usually, though, it is just heard by my Father in Heaven.