Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 65, March 6

In the last several weeks, three dear friends have lost family members, in two cases a child, in one case, a parent.  My heart weeps for these friends.  But at the same time, my heart rejoices at the knowledge we have of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that death is not a permanent loss but merely a temporary separation.

This does not mitigate the sorrow these families feel, though.  To love is to know sorrow.  My mother-in-law was fond of saying, "Grief is a work that has to be done."  I know my friends will be doing this most difficult of work in these ensuing weeks and months.
How much more difficult, though, would that work be if not for Christ's Atonement and His work on our behalf? 

So, for today, I am grateful for Christ who carries our burdens with His infinite love.

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  1. I still marvel at those who seem to accept the death of a loved one so gracefully. That has not come to me yet.