Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 77, March 17

Yesterday we talked about the Holy Ghost and what it can do in helping us make righteous and wise judgments.   Protecting us from potentially dangerous situations is not the only aid the Holy Ghost can give us.  I rely on it, many times unconsciously, in my everyday life.

I like to send pretty cards to friends and family.   Sometimes, when I'm not certain who could use an extra dose of love, I go through our ward (congregation) list and just read the names to myself.  Often, a name will jump out.  I believe that the Holy Ghost has let me know that this individual needs a card. 

A small thing ... perhaps.  But an important thing all the same. Certainly this is not an earth-shattering, life-saving event, but it confirms to me that the Holy Ghost is there if we but listen to its promptings.

Unfortunately, I am not sensitive to the "still, small voice" all the time. I wish I were.  Maybe I could do something earth-shattering, life-saving.  All I can say is that I'm trying.

So, for today, I am grateful for promptings of the Spirit, even when I don't deserve them.  Especially when I don't deserve them.


  1. When we seek out the Spirit, as when you read the ward list to see what name jumps out, we are in effect saying, "Here am I, send me".

  2. I like your idea about reading the ward list to see who jumps out to you as needing extra love and support.