Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 85, March 25

A couple of days ago, our area was blanketed with a thick snow.  Slick roads and bone-chilling cold convinced me that I didn't have to go out, that anything I'd planned to do wasn't important.  And so I stayed home, content and warm in our snug house, our cat, Harley, curled up next to me.

I remember (many) years ago how much joy my sister and I took in "snow days," those precious days when school was canceled and we were free to go play outside and return home sloppy wet and pleasurably cold.  These days, I don't romp in the snow (though perhaps I should).  I find things to do inside--folding laundry, tidying up the bits and pieces of a home, working on my writing. 

So, for today, I am grateful for snow days.

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  1. We like snow days, too. Coming home from church, we finally had some unscheduled family time, so we quickly made a plan. We would go home, have dinner, then build a fire and read Harry Potter together while we snuggled under blankets. Sometimes the quiet times are just so welcome and needed.