Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 82, March 22

As I re-read yesterday's post (before it was published), I was sorely tempted to delete it.  After all, do I really want you to know how petty and mean I am?  But then I decided you should know where I'm coming from and how far I have to go to be anywhere close to where I want to be, more, where the Father wants me to be.

Deleting the post would have required only a touch of a key.  So easy.  The Father has His own way to help us delete the nasties that sometimes overtake us, or, at least, me.  It's called repentance.

Unfortunately, it requires more than the touch of a key.  It requires hard work, humility, and the willingness to admit that we need help. 

So, for today, I'm grateful for the Father's delete key.

1 comment:

  1. It always seems easier to hide our sins than to erase them. And I appreciate your honesty. You're not the only one who has grumbled her way through an act of service. No matter what we hear in our lofty gospel doctrine discussions, I still think it's better to do the right thing even if we do it with a poor spirit. Our spirit may change later, and the good still was done.