Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 224, September 24

The news seems to be filled with stories of teenagers acting badly.  Whether they be celebrities or just "regular" teens, the media delights in telling us that the nation's young people are selfish, uncaring, and immature.

I have a different kind of story to share:   Loveland's Gateway Baptist Church suffered severe damage during the recent flood.  Mud and water poured into the church.  Community members showed up in droves.  Among those who came to help were the youth of another church. 

They worked diligently, cleaning, carrying away damaged pieces,  digging out mud, etc.  The pastor of the church was so impressed with them that he asked their headers, "What do you teach your young people to make them so caring?" So great was his confidence and trust in these teenagers that he gave them his credit card to go to the store to buy supplies.

These boys and girls performed back-breaking labor to help people they didn't know, to aid a church not of their faith.  They did it because they cared, because they have been taught well by their parents and leaders.

So, for today, I am grateful for righteous youth.