Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 225, September 25

Can you stand one more posting about the acts of kindness and compassioin during this time as our area recovers from the flood? (I promise, I won't write about this any more.  Well, really, I'm not sure that I won't, but I'll try not to.)

In our neighborhood is a sweet lady who has turned her home into a refuge for homeless cats.  She takes in strays, cats who have been abandoned, kittens in danger of going to a "kill-shelter."  She does this on her own because she loves all of Heavenly Father's creatures.  Recently she sent out an email saying that her resources are stretched as she has taken in pets, both cats and dogs, displaced when their "owners" lost their homes.

What a compassionate thing to do.  Larry and I took over some supplies and thanked her for her selfless work.  On her website is the sentence "It is the mark of a civilized society in how we treat all creatures."

So, for today, I am grateful for a woman who loves "all creatures great and small."

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  1. How thoughtful of this lady to open up her home to all these animals. I'm glad you were also able to help out.