Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 247, September 2

I've been away from home for more than three weeks, leaving Larry and our kitty Harley on their own.  A few days ago, Larry called me from the veternarian's office, saying that he was there with Harley.  He was concerned that she wasn't eating the usual amount. 

After performing some tests and doing blood work, the doctor pronounced Harley to be fine.  I rejoiced in that and thanked Larry for taking care of her.  As I thought about it, I realized the sacrifice Larry had made.  He took time from a busy schedule at work to take Harley to the veternarian's office, spent several hundred dollars, all to find out that our kitty was all right.  I wondered how many husbands would do that.

So, for today (and for everyday), I am grateful for Larry.


  1. I'm glad she was alright and how sweet of Dad.

  2. She probably misses you. I do (but I do seem to be eating just fine).