Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 255, September 10

(Personal history of Luch Ashby Clark continued)

"We then took another house and opened it for teaching and quite of lot were baptized at Camden Town.  At this place we witnessed the Power of God in the Ordinance of Baptism ... A Mrs. Woodgate had been afflicted for a number of years and was helped to the water by two men.  After baptism she was made whole and ran and rejoiced and praised God.

"We left London in 1848 May 7 and went back to Wolverhampton, we had left a year ago.  Here we preached to our relations and friends and a large branch was soon raised up.  We bore our Testimony for two years there, made a home for the Elders (missionaries), and in 1851 we immigrated to America with a company of saints on the ship Ellen, a sailing ship.  The first night out from Liverpool we encountered a heavy storm and had a collision with another ship, and both were disabled, but not a soul was lost.  We went into Camdeyan Bay and stopped there three weeks repairing the ship.  Had a pretty good voyage after we started again.  Then in six weeks we landed in New Orleans the 15th day of March 1851."


  1. How neat to have this personal history recorded.

  2. I love the "had a pretty good voyage after we started again". How many times do I dwell on the setbacks and delays, giving them place in my life for long after they were actually over? Instead, I need to have a pretty good voyage once I get under way again.