Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 259, September 14

"Then it seemed 1856 was a year of Plenty, and the Saints were called to do better and a great excitement arose among us and all were called to make a fresh covenant with the Lord and be baptized again, which we all did, and were blessed.

"In the fall, two Companies organized to cross the plains in handcarts.  The first Company did pretty well, but the second were caught in the snows and a good many suffered severely.  Transportation and teams were sent out to meet them.  Brought them in what were left, and divided them among the Saints to take care of for the winter. 

"At this time a young sister by the name of Mellor who came across the Plains in the handcart company came to live at our house as if sent there and I believed in the Order of Celestial or Plurality of wives, and I thought my husband worthy to enter this order of Priesthood, and I invited her to come into our family as a wife to my husband, she consented.  My husband took her to the city and had her sealed to him Feb. 3, 1857 by President Brigham Young.  She has born to him 9 children, 8 are now living, and I have born to him 10, 9 are are living today; we have 15 grandchildren today, all our children are members of the church.

"In 1855 my husband performed a mission to England and was blessed and brought some to the church.

"Now, dear children of our posterity, we have given you a short sketch of our life's history and when we are in the graves, it is our wish for you who are living to hunt up our records and finish, as far as you can, our work as we cannot have time to do for ourselves, and we, your parents, will aid you all we can in the spirit world."--Lucy Clark

What a remarkable testimony from a remarkable woman.  I am proud to call her an ancestress.

So, for today, I am grateful for courageous and faithful women everywhere.

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  1. When she says "we have 15 grandchildren today", I can't tell if she's talking about her and her husband, or her, the second wife, and her husband all together. I guessing the latter based on her attitude.

    Interesting that the marriage proposal seemed to come from Lucy.

    She's a remarkable woman.