Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 257, September 12

"Then the Company went to St. Louis on the Ellick Scott steam boat, landing on the 23rd, stopped in St. Louis three weeks, then started up the Missouri River on the 13th of April on the Sacramento steam boat, stayed there until the next spring and we made us a team of oxen and one of cows. 

"We started from Kanesville on the 3rd of July 1852 on the 20th Company of that year's immigration.  Henry Miller was the Captain of 50 wagons, and Apostle O. Hyde over the 100.  We had a sort of rough trip over the Plains, as were not accustomed to that mode of traveling, and as if to add to all the trouble, our eldest daughter, Sarah, slipped out of our wagn and was run over, and next day she died, age 7 years and 11 months, September 6.  Buried on the Sweet Water, this was trial indeed, but we acknowledge the Lord in it and still persevered on our journey, and soon after had to leave one of our cows, as it could not stand the trip. 

"Then we traveled with one yoke of cattle and it seemed the Lord strengthened them extra and we arrived in Salt Lake City on the 24th of September 1852.  We stayed and attended the October Conference and felt well paid for our three months on the plains and over seas and rivers.  On the 10th we left Salt Lake and started south as far as Provo, 50 miles.  Stayed at one of our old neighbors from England, Samuel Jackson.  In a short time, my husband build a small adobe house 12 by 14 ft, we had just gotten it finished and had moved in when the Indians got hostile and killed a Brother Keel at Payson."

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  1. It is just so neat to have these personal histories from ancestors.