Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 258, September 13

"We were all called together and the Militia was organized and my hsuband had to start out a very short notice to help the Saints at Payson, while he got ready I ran some bullets for his rifle.  He went and left me with four children and no bread or money to buy, but the way opened and we lived.  In two weeks he came back and peace was made and while it was peaceful, President. Brigham Young called us all to pull down our houses and move all together in forts.

"We did and built again on Main St. Provo.  Time passed and May 1, 1855, I was sealed to my husband by Apostle G. (George) A. (Albert) Smith.  The same year swarms of grasshoppers come so as to almost darken the sun and eat most of all the crops in the Territory.  The next year 1856, was a semi-famine, so a great many had to live on roots and fish which were plentiful.  We then had the privilege of taking up our endowments which we did on the 7th of May and were again sealed over the altar by President Brigham Young."

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  1. Pull down the house you just got built, and start over.

    Sealed to my husband!

    Semi-famine. Hope you like fish and roots. Again.

    Received our endowments!

    Life is like this for us all, isn't it? There are ups and downs, and things that turn us around. Faith sees us through.