Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 289, October 16

I like to laugh. I like to laugh at life's absurdities. I like to laugh at our shared human condition. I like to laugh at myself. Somedays, that is all that gets me through.
This week, I had the opportunity to do the last. In washing my hair the past week, I noticed that my shampoo didn't seem to be lathering very well. I rinsed and repeated and still didn't get the desire result.
Finally, I looked at the shampoo bottle and saw something I hadn't noticed before: it wasn't shampoo. It was mouthwash. I had been shampooing my hair with mouthwash. Of course I had noticed and appreciated the minty scent. What a nice change, I thought, from the more typical flowery scent of many shampoos. (In my defense, this was a "freebie" that I had picked up in a high-end hotel where my husband and I had stayed several months ago. I looked at the green liquid and decided it must be shampoo. I hadn't bothered reading the little print.)
Well, I had a good laugh and decided I'd better pay more attention to what I was doing. This is good advice in many areas of my life.
So, for today, I am grateful for the opportunity to laugh--even at myself.


  1. What a great story Mom. Thanks for the laugh and I'm glad you could also laugh.

  2. Ha, ha! I love how you rinsed and repeated. I'm sure that's just what the directions said to do on the bottle of mouthwash!