Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 292, October 19

The son of some friends is preparing to leave to serve a mission for our church. A week before he was due to leave, someone stole his wallet (with his driver's license, other picture ID, and credit cards), a pair of new shoes, two pairs of new slacks, and other things from his car.
This was a setback, financially and emotionally. However, this young man didn't let it deter him from his goal. He set about replacing the stolen items and plans to leave on the appointed date.
What an example of resolve, determination, and faith.
Have you ever noticed that the more the worthy the goal, the more the Adversary tries to prevent an individual from reaching it? Could it be because he feels threatened by honorable people striving to do honorable things? Chances are you can point to instances in your own life when you worked toward a goal, only to find those efforts thwarted.
I know I have. Sometimes, I have persevered. Others, I've permitted the Adversary to defeat me.
So, for today, I am grateful for this example of courage and faith.


  1. How terrible to experience a theft like that right before leaving for a mission. I'm sure this young man was worked on by the Devil, that's for sure.

    What a good example he is to continue on and show the faith that he did.

  2. The Adversary is ever present to take advantage of setbacks. I'm glad he decided to go. It's not a sign that he shouldn't go, it's a sign that he should take care to bring his possessions in and lock his car!