Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 200, July 21

There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.   Irving Stone

Well, here I am again, with yet another quote, and, what's more, another quote about books.  Do you see a recurrent theme here? 

Author Irving Stone was more than perceptive when he penned the above words.  The books we love tell much about us.  The people we love tell the same.  Is it no wonder that the two should interconnect intimately?

In books, we seek for shared experiences, shared feelings, shared thoughts.  The realliy good writers may set their story in 16th century Zanzibar, a time and land far away from our own, but, because they are talented, they rouse in us such a resonance that we immediately connect with their characters.

In friends, we also seek for shared experiences, shared feelings, shared thoughts.  The really good friends reflect ourselves back to us, and, if they're extra special friends, they give us a reason to try to be better, to be more than we were originally.

This I know for sure:  books and friends are as necessary for my well-being as are water and air.  Without them, I would surely waste away.

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  1. I read "A Christmas Carol" at least once each year, sometimes more. I love the part where the narrator declares that he is standing right now at my elbow in spirit. I believe him.