Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 201, July 22

"To live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch Heaven."

I found this quote on a bookmark.  It's not easy to live with gratitude "ever in our hearts."  I make a resolution to be more grateful, to be more cognizant, more aware of the Father's blessings, then, the moment something goes wrong, my resolution withers and dies.

During this past week, I have grieved over the loss of a dear friend.  His passing has left a hole in the life of his family, his friends, indeed, all who knew him.  I wanted to rail at God (and I did) for taking this fine man.  What was there to be grateful for in this?

Then I remembered the last 18 months when he fought the devastating battle with leukemia.  Miracles occurred, as his life was spared again and again.  And I was grateful.  Miracles continued to occur.  And I was grateful.  And now ... I am (trying to be) grateful that his suffering is over.

As I said, living with gratitude in my heart isn't easy.  Too frequently I am short-sighted, failing to see the Father's plan, failing to look beyond the here and now.

This I know for sure:  if I am to grow and mature in my love for the Savior and the Father, I must find gratitude.  For everything.

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  1. Sometimes it's just plain difficult, but you're right.