Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 206, July 27

Lookiing for the good in people is not something I do naturally.  I want to have that quality for I admire it when I see it in others.  I admire the faith and optimism of looking for and then see the good in those around me.  Unfortunately, that trait continues to elude me. The fact is, a number of people have let me down over the years.  That has (unfairly) colored my expectations of others.

I wonder if my less than charitable view of others becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Is my failure contributing to their failure?  If they sense my lack of faith in them, could it cause them to stop trying?  I excuse myself by saying, "Well, my opinion is not important."  And that's true.  My opinion is not important.  But maybe on a particular day when someone needs to be believed in, my faith--or lack of faith--in him could make a difference.

I wasn't always this way.  I used to look for and see the good.  In everyone.  Age, experience, disappointment, and my own all-too-human nature erased that childlike belief that everyone is (usually) doing their best.

This I know for sure:  looking for and finding the good in others is a Christ-like quality that I would do well to emulate.


  1. There are many around us who have so much good in them and I do think you're right. On a particular day, they might really need to hear that.

  2. At least you used to see that in others. I tend not to give people the chance to hurt me. Looking for the good in people is a quality that seems all uphill to me.